Lighting often accounts for 40 to 70 percent of building energy use. Business owners want to reduce energy costs by using more efficient lighting options, but efficient replacement options can cost considerably more than inefficient ones, and looking for utility rebates can be time consuming. It can also be difficult to determine what products are eligible. Puget Sound Energy’s Commercial CFL Instant Rebate Program can help commercial customers save time and money.

Small business lighting rebates DIRECTLY from PSE

The small business lighting rebate applies to a broad range of efficient lighting conversion opportunities. Review the conversion guidelines (30 KB PDF) for detailed information about each section.
Section I: Incandescent conversions

    * Compact fluorescent bulbs– screw base CFL bulbs substitute for screw base incandescent bulbs: $3 - $12
    * New compact fluorescent fixtures: $35 - $55
    * New 4-FT fluorescent lamp fixture: $70
    * New LED exit signs: $50

Section II: Higher wattage incandescent and HID conversions

    * Higher efficiency HID light sources (metal halide and HPS): $90- $125
    * T8 or T5 fluorescent warehouse lighting: $110- $225
    * CFL higher-wattage wall packs: $110- $130

Section III: T12 fluorescent lamp and ballast (only) conversions

    * "Lamp for lamp," using T8 lamps and electronic ballasts: $50- $55
    * T8 lamps and electronic ballasts, but with fewer lamps: $60

Section IV: Linear fluorescent conversion hardware kits and new replacement fixtures

    * Rebate options for linear-tube fluorescent lighting include incentives for reducing lamp count (or lamp lineal footage): $50-$95

Lighting Controls

    * Applies to occupancy sensor or timer controls. The rebate amount depends on the wattage controlled: $40-$80

Lighting upgrades not listed on the small-business lighting pre-approval form may be eligible for custom incentives. Call a PSE Energy Advisor at 1-800-562-1482 for details.
Eligibility guidelines

Your business can benefit from this rebate by meeting the following requirements for eligibility:

    * PSE electric customer served by commercial rate schedule 24 or 08
    * Obtained
pre-approval prior to ordering or installing materials

All other non-residential customers can apply for funding for lighting upgrades via Puget Sound Energy's  custom grant program.


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